How To Day Trade (Part 1) “Myths vs. Facts”

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In today’s lesson you’re learning the basics of how to day trade. I’m going to show you why there’s so much misinformation about trading online, and how to differentiate between myths and facts.

Since 2001 I’ve been obsessed with trading stocks and futures. Over the years I’ve seen changes in market conditions, which affect how traders make money in the markets.

The biggest goal of this video is to help you understand why trading can be a great business, but also to understand the realities of trading so you don’t get suckered into wasting time and money on things that don’t work.

Some of my top benefits of day trading include:

– Being able to trade from anywhere in the world with a high speed internet connection
– Having the opportunity for daily income
– No boss, employees, or customers
– Very little overhead (just your internet and trading tools)
– Being able to choose which hours we can trade

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that most traders lose money. So if you’re serious about trading, then you need to approach it as a professional.

Here are some key things to keep in mind if you want to become a day trader:

– Have to be accountable to yourself (can’t be lazy)
– There isn’t a guaranteed “pay check”
– Need a strong desire to succeed
– Must have “risk capital” (don’t trade with grocery money)
– Must be willing to dedicate time to learn
– When you begin to trade, you need to decide on a few things:

The first thing to choose is the time frame you’ll trade. Are you going to be a day trader, holding position from a few minutes to a few hours? Or do you want to compete with computer programs and try to be a scalper? If you don’t have a couple hours to dedicate to watching the markets, maybe swing trading is the best option for you.

In my experience, one of the best approaches to day trading is to be a “pivot-to-pivot” trader, where you look for short-term predictable moves in the market. This will allow a trader to watch the market for a couple hours, then walk away without any attachment to the markets.

The second thing you’ll need to decide is the market(s) you’ll trade. It’s important to have an insider’s look at the pros and cons of each market – That way you can choose which market is best for you.

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Oscar Javier Zamudio says:

Chris could you recommend a couples of trusted Brokers within USA ?

Norman Kellison says:

I was interested in understanding some “myths and facts.” But I think this
video is better titled “are you a trader” or “what it takes to trade.” I am
sorry, but I am looking for trading information, not “how to be

TheProdigal TFM says:

What are the main technical indicators you use?

tee leaves says:

People work 50-90 hour work weeks consistently just to keep their bills
paid and food on the table. How many hours do day traders put in? I keep
hearing that it is a lot of work and that you need to wake up in the
morning and have lots of self motivation.

Jonathan te says:

Haii i like your video do you give leasons to people?

bill smith says:

Ill concede, i am new to this as well, Having said that, a great way to
learn, on the cheap, is to join a local investment club, these are cheap,
and you can get some free info, from folks who do this on the side as well,
back and forth convo, with folks who are prob in a similar situation.

Tony Aquaro says:

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set up icharttop app for a From date & a To date

JiggaMann Jeezus says:

Chirs how much did you make off day trading?

Kwame Truth says:

Hi Chris, I literally never comment on YouTube videos but your video is
like an answer to my prayers. I’m not what you would really call a fast
learner and I sometimes get embarrassed to ask really simple question but
your video has a lot of answers to questions I just haven’t been able to
find anywhere else in context I can understand. I am really interested with
learning how to day trade and this just gave me the basic info I needed and
motivation to keep on learning. Thank you Brother

Pritesh Hathalia says:

iv been trading for 6 months, iv lost lots of money but also made good
bucks too.

this video is grate and i wish i would have watched it when i started.

but loving it mate, keep up the good job. hope to watch more of your videos.

thank you

Paulo Victor says:

You have been trading for 12 years and you are making youtube videos. That
means you are not good. Period.
You don’t even mention CFDs which is the best instrument for the type of
trading you are trying to advocate…

ze62948 says:

I actually started trading cryptocurrencies a week ago,just put in 10 bucks
to see what would happen,and i only lost 9% 😀

I really needed a course like this.

braf zachland says:

i don’t know how legit this guy is, but i am always skeptical of ppl who
claim to be “full time traders” or “full time real estate investors” yet
they run an academy or “professional” training program and travel around
doing seminars. the reason is i am pretty sure they are putting more time
into their training business hence not really a full time trader. i would
also be curious what percentage of their income comes from their training
companies and how much comes from actual trading or investing.

c.v.r cedric van roeyen says:

What is your thought about binary options trading ? And what is the
differance between binary options and day trading ?

Sony Vaio says:

Hi Chris what is the best trading company ,,,,right now i still
searchingfor company

Tony Beadle says:

Thank you

StockTradeTeacherPro says:

Chris, I’ve been viewing your videos through my other YouTube account and
am a subscriber. The info I’m offering is from a different perspective but
parts, I believe, of the same message. Any interest in seeing if we
couldn’t produce something interesting if we combined forces?


Bobby Murray says:

Thanks for the videos Chris! Like most on here I’m a complete newbie
swatting up and this whole day trading thing. There seems to be a plethora
of charlatans and madmen on this here youtube-telling us the secrets of day
trading etc. From people wearing sunglasses,broadcasting from what seems to
be some type of bunker; to men with slicked back hair who look like extras
from the Sopranos. You my friend seem the sanest out of the lot! Quick
question. Is/Are there any software you recommend for daytrading in order
to test out strategies etc. Thanks!

Noedir Cimatti says:

Wondering the same thing

Protato Salad says:

digging the first video. But I have to ask, what are you getting in return
for putting this video series out for free?

Manny elpresidente says:

este video esta bien CHIDo! La pura neta. Y el vato esta bien sexy.

Jayden Dinmore says:

Hi Chris, I’m about to start a day trading course. I’m really looking to do
this full time due to the passion I have for trading. I’m hoping to leave
my job and become a full time trader! How often do you have days where you
either lose money, don’t trade at all due to a bad market? How is it
possible to lose a large amount of money on a trade? are people not putting
stop losses in place?

Shawn Mcqueen says:

great vid… stra8 to the point… will be lookin for more… thanks

zlozlozlo says:

Great vid, I intend to watch the whole series. But based just on this one
vid, I have a question: I’ve started looking into trading recently, I want
to learn as much as I can, and do this right. My plan was to trade Forex,
but your remark about it not being regulated properly, I’m a bit worried.
Do you think I should avoid trading Forex altogether? Or is it safe if I
find a broker that’s regulated? Is there an official authority I can refer
to when choosing a broker?

FreeTrendIndicators says:

Excellent vid ★ thanks, I prefer trading with a free trend indicator, it
helps me a lot. if you want to try it as well – it’s on my page

Adek Utomo says:

Great share. may i have your Reality Trading “Tutorial” here for my
aducation method in my own Language ? thx in advance. GREAT SHARE..

Chris Dunn says:

lol mike… thanks brotha

Rarrrrrr says:

Chris thanks a ton man! i dont know sheet about this stuff id bone u if i
coud all homo lol

G Leonard says:

I like your straight forward approach First video I watched,plan on
watching them all. Thanks in advance

Wei-long Poon says:

Hi, Can a civil engineer with no idea of trading markets commerce pick this
up quickly?

Chris Dunn says:

I agree 110%. If you try to trade with “grocery money”, then you’ll make
bad trading decisions. It’s always easier to trade if you have other income
to support your trading.

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