Where Do You Start Trading?

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Watch Where Do I Start? every day on the tastytrade network at 2pm CT. Market veteran Tom Sosnoff teaches his daughter Case how to trade options. Learn with Case as she walks through option trading strategies with her dad every day on a real financial network.



Thierry Muller says:

I started trading recently and I love these guy, but holy sh*t there’s so
much to learn about!!!

Leggo My Ego says:

3:30 Cracked up, then felt bad the rest of the video because she seemed
totally lost and every time Tom asked “do you understand” she’d answer yeah
when her face clearly showed she didn’t. I get that feeling a lot when
listening to Tom because he assumes a level of understanding much greater
than the average new retail options trader has (likely because he’s been in
it for so long).

James Blagg says:

This was Great I was laughing so hard.

vsaldanas says:

What website can i open a paper account.

Eigen Function says:

This show is real. Time to subscribe!


She is such is a cutie 🙂

tastytrade says:

You can open a brokerage account with TD Ameritrade through the Get Trading
page on the tastytrade website. This is how you can get access to a paper
trading account as well!

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