Warren Buffett on Trading Stocks vs. Commodities: Financial Assets, Bonds, Central Banks, Gold

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Rob Urban says:

This is one of the best videos on investing I have ever seen. You have
every bit of information you need to be successful if you just watch this
over and over until it becomes second nature. Then go out and learn how to
understand businesses, competiton, financial statements and calculating
“maintenance owner earnings”. Good stuff! Thank you for your YouTube

Marc Coal says:

If I buy some gold warren could buy it from me at a higher price then I

Marc Coal says:

Mister B is my teacher.

Michael Frangos says:

Gold is garbage. Buy a profitable business, not a useless hunk of metal.

Alex J says:

Gold is how you preserve your wealth.

Min. Larry D Cornelius Sr says:
Leo The Lion says:

gold gold gold……………………

Paul Juberg says:

there is going to be a whole lot of fear when the U.S. dollar collapses
sometime in the next three years, which means gold will soar in price. Ill
take that profit and then buy farmland.

Gino T says:

No one like Buffet, great guy. 

MsFoxy Foxx says:

nice one

jason barnsley says:

Great to see the great mans common sense view of the world.

stephen geraci says:

I love Warren, but hate Joe. He is an arrogant fuck and thinks he is cute
but comes off as a smug DB. Why is this guy still employed, he is the most
unlikeable person on earth.

stardust260872 says:

pearls of wisdom from the master….goldbugs….good only for a
laugh…hehe….poor things……hard shiny yellow stuff that produces
NOTHING…. sits there looking shiny yellow and hard…..give me rental
apartments and stocks any day!!

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