Using Order Flow to Confirm Day Trading Levels – Practice, not Theory

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This webinar was presented on the 27th November 2013 to the members of the JPJ Trading room. The group are Intraday Market Profile traders that focus on trading major reversals. Most traders in the room focus on the emini S&P500,

In this webinar, we put day trading theory to one side and focus more on the nuts and bolts of trade execution and post-entry trade management. Most of this will apply to all day trading strategies but it does intentionally omit strategies such as breakout trading as it’s not what this group of traders do.

The following topics were covered:
Market depth as an indicator of volatility.
The 3 components of a reversal – absorption, one side fading, the other side jumping in, stepping up.
Watching for a level break to refine an entry.
Post trade order flow analysis.
A look at the columns on the Depth & Sales and the new Power Meters
We look at these things from a practical standpoint and not a theoretical standpoint. It is more “what to look for” and not “why it works”.

For more information about the tools, take a look around today.