Urban Forex 10 Pips Per Day Scalping Strategy

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This video tutorial will show you the Urban Forex Scalp 10 Pips Per Day Scalping Strategy. This video has been brought to you by http://www.forexwatchers.com

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tommbstone1 says:

Never mind. I just realized he’s not doing 10 pips (unless this is a 4
digit broker) going for a true 10 pips (which is 100 on the slider) pretty
much never works out with this system. 

tommbstone1 says:

Did he ever mention the stop loss? I see big draw downs on some charts but
there are a number of winners? Maybe this would work well with binary??/?

Andrew Rich says:

Hi urban forex. Really like the simplicity of this method. I have one quick
question though and I would LOVE you even more if you could take the time
to reply PLEASE!!!! 🙂 so my one and only question is this: How accurate is
this strategy? (Over a period of … lets say 6 months … percentage wise)
30%? 50% 75%? Or even more? Thanks in advance! And btw awesome work.
Awesome videos.

Anna Monti says:

Thanks for the video and welcome to my channel. Free SwissBot shows stable
results. Just take it.

richard hearn says:

All trades were against trend and too small to cover spread . ?????

Bel dastanjit says:

Navin, you’re awesome. thanks

Mr Lantern says:

Does this mean you have to stay in front of the computer all day/night?

MikefromMadrid says:

@adminmovie one

Miguel Figueiredo says:

lol you only go long after that candle closes…. he was right

Trading with UrbanForex says:

@FXSwissTrader many traders are suggesting using a hard stop of -20 pips
due to the volatility in the market these days also avoid news release

Lauris Bee says:

i would not go long on downtrend, as the gain is minimal and you might even
miss profitable exit, on downtrend just stay short, there should not be
scalping as such, not worth the risk.

KingSerkol says:

Nah I was talking about where he measures from with the little tool….

mrzipdisk says:

@4epa1012 how do you define price action movement? just wondering. i am an
absolute beginner. thanks.

murdani id says:

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TheRealBob says:

@MikefromMadrid Just hold down the mouse wheel.

aqeel3344 says:

what about the stop loss please?

MikefromMadrid says:

@Paulwhiteshark die shitbag

avinfomdiaindia says:

thank you soo much appreciate it Urban Forex.for their great advertisement

fastscalper says:

10 pips ? wtf … The worst day of my 25 pips

HOW2GetFREEforexROBO says:

Great video, thx

Royal -Highness says:

Seems interesting just a quick question hop i’ll get a proper reply from
experts with 1:1 risk reward ratio applying the same rules what is the
winning strike rate ??

Osama Algendy says:

thanks i will use it with forexac.co.cc

Mikkelangeloo says:

What broker and platform are you using? Im kinda new to this and i cant
find other brokers than Forex.com

FreeFOREXautoROBOTS says:

Thanx,I have great results with EA

killerrj8 says:

@mrlantern23 asking myself the same. Do i just need to be lucky ? I mean, i
could have missed the point or i have to sit in front of my PC 24/7

Deepak Prem says:

hey I too use same strategy 🙂

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