The Day Trading Robot

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Day Trading Robot Review –

Day Trading Robot – A software program/tool for performing technical analysis of stocks. It works by detecting pattern of a particular share, lets say 30c, only to lose a few cents immediately. This suggest quite a number of people considering the share overprices at the point, thus selling them off. It then collates a picture of dozens & dozens of these patterns, making a prediction about the share price movements in the future. In other words, it collates thousands of price charts each day & analyze them full length(no human would have the time & effort to do), so as to make a best valid output stock pick.

It is certainly possible that this software could do as stated in The Day Trading Robot Site, but of course nobody can be 100% sure of how it actually works, but the process shown in the video & described in , is logically valid and technically feasible to anyone.

They explain on site that the robot is $112,000 for a full year license. However, what the site offers is that you can join an email newsletter and every few weeks they’ll email you a stock pick the robot picked! Due to the sky rocket price, Jason Kelly made this newsletter alternative, which of course u have to pay for a reasonable price.

If u have extra capital( i mean real spare cash), then u should go for this, whats more, it offers an 8 weeks(60days) money back guaranteed. Jason Kelly also has an office in Miami which u can visit or phone in. Not satisfied with the results after u signed up for the newsletter? Send an email for a refund! As easy as that!
A lot of people are skeptical of this, but given the eight-week free trial system, this is a question each user can answer for themselves.

Choose for urself whether you want to try this out. Read more at

When it really worked for u(I’m sure it will) , i’ll be more then happy for you, but just a favour from u, just to leave a comment here. =)