Ted Sheridan – Day Trader Or Day Tripper Either Way He Was A Loser

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A very cocky and obnoxious guy came into my office yesterday about five thirty
He sat down in front of my desk and put his feet up on my couch
He fired up a cigarette even though I’d asked him to refrain
He laughed about the smell of it as the smoke stuck in my nostrils
He farted as he laughed harder and then I had that odor with which to contend
I walked into my lavatory grabbed my weapon of choice
And attacked the stench with my aerosol freshener
Half an hour later the ozone above my office was depleted
The sun beat down through the skylight without mercy
Glaziers of sweat poured from this man’s brow
As I informed him we could not do business
The price of pork bellies had just fallen to an all time low

Ted Sheridan



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