Spotlight On … Markus Heitkoetter 2-14-2012

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Spotlight On … Markus Heitkoetter (February 14, 2012)

CEO and Founder, Rockwell Trading, Inc.

Day-Trading Strategies for Today’s Markets

The markets have changed. Yes, sometimes you will see long and beautiful trends in the markets, but often they are just volatile and choppy. You have probably seen what appears to be an emerging trend that turns around on a dime.

Many trading strategies that worked in the past are no longer working. In order to trade the markets in 2012, you need to consider strategies that can take advantage of this environment.

In this webinar, Markus Heitkoetter shows you strategies that he currently uses. You will learn how to set-up your charts, the power of Momentum bars and how to trade the markets using them.

In this session, you will learn:

Chart set-up for strategy back-testing
Identifying strategies that may work in today’s markets
Using Momentum bars

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