Price Action Forex Trading: Which Price Action Forex Trading Really Works?

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The term “price action Forex trading” has become a bit of an oxymoron in the trading industry because the type of trading that is now considered to be “price action trading” actually prevents the trader from seeing the price action that should reveal what he needs to know in order to make good trading decisions. It could be called the “hiding price action trading method”

We have consistently demonstrated over the last several years that focus on support and resistance totally distracts the trader from the more important organic price action formation that show when to enter and when to exit a trade.

Likewise the focus on individual Japanese candlesticks also causes the vision of the trader to totally block out the more important information. Using inside bars, pin bars and so called fakey setups are a rather crude way of looking at the actual price action of the market. To call these a price action forex trading system is really an exaggeration. Flipping a coin is also a system but no real understanding of the actual pivot points in the market is used. Blind guesswork is the main strategy.

In order to see anything meaningful in the price action forex trading of financial markets such as commodities, stocks, or futures you need to see the overall pattern formed by the highs and lows and the shape of the patterns that is formed such as is used in Elliott Wave trading and harmonic trading. Price action forex trading means being able to read this overall pattern of highs and lows and the signals that are formed by the actual shapes of these patterns. Focus on these waves and the shapes and signals that form at the end of trends and the end of corrections shows the trader a much more meaningful way to look at the market and a much more effective way to choose where to enter a trade and where to exit. This is real price action trading strategy.

Price Action Forex Trading: Which Price Action Forex Trading Really Works?