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subrota kumar says:

Great Video clip! Apologies for butting in, I would appreciate your initial
thoughts. Have you considered – Brogan Unbelievable Forex Formula (just
google it)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my m8 at very
last unbelievably generated a handsome amount of dough with it. 

FrancisMacansantos says:

well played… though i was nervous when it went up but i put the stop loss
at the high of the pinbar + spread -_- it went down now… it seems
bouncing and bouncing up and down :C

Mitchell Dawson says:

Hi Jonathon, Thanks for clarifying, that’s good to know. How do you
calculate your buffer ?does it float depending on volatility. Rgds Mitch

Forex School Online says:

You should not have been nervous because you should not have been entered
into the Pin bar until the low was taken out which did not happen until the
third candle. The Pin Bar pattern is not confirmed until the high or low
has been taken out and in this case you should not have entered this trade
until the 3rd candle which means you would not have experienced any of that
draw-down period. Johnathon

Forex School Online says:

Hello Mitchell, we use buffers to enter so we don’t get entered
prematurely. So for example on the daily I had a 6 pip buffer from where
the low of the pin is to where I put my entry. You will often see price
just by a pip or two break one way before going the other and using this
buffer cuts that out. Safe trading, Johnathon

Mitchell Dawson says:

Hi Jonathon, Firstly I follow all of your videos, and I must say they have
vastly improved my trading this year – so thanks very much. I took the
trade in question but was entered on the 2nd candle (after the pin bar) – I
am interested as you say above that the Pin bar low wasn’t taken out until
day three, my charts (FXPRO) show the Pin bar low of 1.6241, and day 2’s
candle low as 1.6237 – I place all my trades following the NY close each
night in the UK. Have a great new year. Mitch

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