Online Trading Live Day Trading Tips for Jan 8 Part 1

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Online trading or stock day trading is best to learn by watching live videos. My name is Steve Gomez. My partner Andy Lindloff and I are day trading for a living Learn from our winners and also our mistakes from the trading day. Trading from home can be done using software that has Level 2 data and charts. Charting is essential for day trading. Consider a day trading mentor if you are serious about successful trading.


lolvideos360 says:

why dont you make a video explaining how this work.

MissKLaird says:

@itqgecj My earning have skyrocketed to over $1800 a day. You gotta get
into hungry niches, thats the trick. Trust me your gonna like this course,
have a look here >>>

yi says:

whats the significance/meaning of the asterick on the lvl 2

TodayTrader says:

No. I watched for a bounce off the major support lines in the SPY for a
clue but when they broke down, I just watched. Lotsa bad news to follow I’m

mesa134 says:

ive been trading your tweezers love them hahaha thanks

TodayTrader says:

@andialb147 Lightspeed trading

smokenfly514 says:

What technicals do you trade with? Just SMA/EMA and stochastics? Thanks a

andialb147 says:

what is the name of this program?

pennystock895 says:

wow, I like this video, coz now I have the chance to monitor live of my
stocks investment.

kodar1994 says:

you average 600$ a day? and you work behind your computer for 2 hours? lol
so i can get my gts in 30-40 days?????

Anythingwilldo0000 says:


radjune1970 says:

I’m learing a lot from you 🙂 Thank you very much

stanky212 says:

you figure you average 800$ a day (after comm.) doing this, minus tax,
minus system fees, and you could prolly clear 90k or 100k realistically if
you are consistent as hell..dunno if thats worth it..

Haroon Tora says:

@wutiygl I’ve hit about 370% gains consistently. You need a better trading
strategy. I’ve tried them all, narrowed it down to one extremely powerful
technique, get the free video here ->

Srivatsa Jois says:

That’s LightSpeed!!

jeremyjlong says:

hi what software do you use??i got scottrade and it sucks

infuseinfuse says:

How much money we need in the account to start doing day trading 5 days a
week? I think at least 200k, because of the number of stocks we have to buy
and sell in a day,and the three business day waiting time to get the funds
back in to the account after selling for any type of account, is this
correct? Thanks a million in advance for the answer Enjoying your videos
and learning a lot from it. thanks

nepali hercules says:

@kodar1994 he’s got 70k in his trading account. sure he makes 600 a day but
the thing is he could lose 6k a day, if he’s not careful. and markets are
closed sat to sunday. and no it not a 2hrs a day job. you sit there when
market opens till it closes. that’s 6 and half hours. plus you also have to
do your research, say 2 hrs a day. it’s a mental game, no physical labor
involved. 95% of people lose money in this game. and you also pay ur own

salman khan says:

@xnusgfg I’m averaging 400% gains. You need a better trading strategy. This
one will turn things around. Watch this video:

adontbos says:

@wzxbhqp It is possible, I usually pull in 400-500% gains. You just need a
better system. I’ve tried them all, narrowed it down to one extremely
powerful technique. Watch this video =>

fetchotube says:

haha im naked!!! who wants a strip tease msg me! U

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