Online Trading For Dummies – What Is A Fill And A No Fill?

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Online Trading For Dummies – What Is a Fill/ No Fill?
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Let’s face it, trading can be complicated. There is so much to learn. You’ve got technical trading, techincal jargon, indicators, setups and so much more. Then there’s a ton of different securities that you can actually learn to trade. With all this information out there it’s no wonder that complete beginners can often be lost in the learning process.

That’s the primary reason that I’ve started this particular series for beginners. So, do not be offended at the title of this video. I wanted to teach those that are confused. I’m going to explain everything in the most simple and easy to understand terms possible. I call this series Online Trading for Dummies.

So, we begin this series with the definition of a fill. A fill in trading simply means getting all of your contracts or stock shares filled at the price that you wanted to buy or sell them at. Just because we place an order at a price does not necessarily mean that we will enter the market at that price. In order to do so we first have to get a fill.

For example say we’d like to enter the ES at 1500.00 and we decide we want to try and get a fill at that price. We have an order there and when price or the market hits that price we aren’t guaranteed a fill. It’s like we’re in line with thousands of others trying to get a fill. It sort of works on first come first served basis.

Now that you know what getting a fill means it’s time to learn more about no fills. These can single handedly be one of the most infuriating and annoying things about day trading. In fact there are a few people that literally wind up chasing price when they cannot get a fill. This is really bad to do. Never chase price when you don’t get a fill. You need to stick to your plan 100% of the time.

Realize that no fills are part of the game. You have to just wait for the next trade opportunity and never chase. The true professionals can just shake it off and continue trading without allowing this to bother them. This is the state that you eventually want to reach. I hope this online trading for dummies series was helpful to you.