October 24 2014 Live Day Trading

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October 24 2014 Live Day Trading

Maximizing profit and minizing risk

Watch me day trade live. First up are a couple of short trades that I cover for basically breakeven. I patiently wait for the stock SYNA to becomemore bearish before I jump onboard with a short trade. I found these stocks using think or swim scanning for gap downs. SYNA had an earning report this day and was actually quite favorable increasing net revenue by over 25%. Watch and learn how to day trade stocks for profit. Knowing when to admit your wrong in a trade is one of the most important steps to taking small loses so you can really let your profitable trades run. The largest lose I took today was $80 with a total profit of $975 before commissions. Watch the level 2 and T&S to get a feel for price action and the momentum a stock is generating. While scanning through stock charts its important to be patient and wait for a good setup. “If the charts not right, dont bite”

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