March CincyRB – Commodity market analysis with Ruby ( for Eve Online )

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Tonight a misleadingly named talk “Commodity market analysis with Ruby” by @dougalcorn


Doug Alcorn says:

I’ve created a simple Ruby EMDR client to help people get started:

It doesn’t do much, but it can connect to the network and consume messages.
I encourage you to write your own tools. It’s fun and rewarding. Hopefully
this is enough to help you get started

Devin Sipal says:

Is this tool completely private? I’m very interested in it.

Allen Firestone says:

that was a great listen. what was the purpose of the meetings you were

James Eastin says:

Outstanding …thnx

TheGeniuschrist says:

i don’t know what this is, or why… but it’s great.

Doug Alcorn says:

This was the local Ruby user’s group meeting. Almost no one in the room was
familiar with EVE. I thought pitching EVE from the perspective of market
analysis to a room full of programmers was a good idea. So my talk was a
mix of introducing EVE concepts and introducing Market Analysis concepts
and showing programming to marry the two. I was pretty happy to have
someone make a comment like “this is just like stock trading”.

derhinsn says:

great talk! I tried your “velocity”-measure today…by hand and a bit
modified since I lack the programming skills. I am curious how this will
work out!

Steve Ronuken says:

huh. You know you don’t need to subscribe to all the emdr relays, right?
They all get all the data.

Gregory Taylor says:

This is correct. You only need to connect to two different relays, really.
I am the EMDR maintainer, so feel free to get in touch if you have
questions, Doug.

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