Live Forex Room Trade – Day Trading Forex Market Manipulation

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Here is the video covering the Confirmation Entry I said I would link to

In this live day trade example from our live forex room, I took a short on the GBP/USD. We did not have a directional bias or market trend at the time of this trade. We call this “level 3 accumulation”. Essentially this means we are trading from pre-determined manipulation points in either direction.

The second trade setup was a typical NY Reversal trade. Smart money uses the same principals to exit a trade as they do when entering a position. If liquidity is needed to enter a trade without spiking the market then this searching for liquidity will be seen when they exit the price as well. Knowing when smart money is exiting a position means we are likely to see the partial reversal of that days move. This is a position we look to hold for only a few hours.

The second trade was on the GBP/CAD and after coming into a major lower manipulation point it provided a beautiful confirmation entry long. The entry on this NY Reversal trade setup gave a great overall risk/reward ratio which is the foundation of all bank trading setups and why tracking market manipulation can be such a profitable forex trading strategy for both pro traders or beginners alike.


timmy-jones nkumeh says:

whats the name of this gray area indicator that show ranges?

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