Learning Forex Trading: Who’s in Charge? You or Your Past?

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The trading business, like pretty much anything else, isn’t something you become an expert at overnight (duh). So it’s very important to manage expectations, and understand what progress really means. It’s easy to become frustrated or overwhelmed, and quit.

But here’s what can happen: after the initial exposure to trading, and a subsequent period of leaving it behind, you can come back to it, and have a whole new (more relaxed) attitude, and a more mature vision toward expectations. This is not uncommon! One such person said this in an email today, after taking some time away:

“I am at 28 trades, 57% success with only 6 losers. You may share this if you like for those that doubt” — Jeff.

This video is less than 6 minutes, and I’ll provide some comments that I hope will help, and you can watch it here: http://youtu.be/F_l_DNu2jM0

Please send along any comments or questions that you might have!

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Vic Noble
Personal Coach


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