Learn To Day Trade Market Manipulation – S&P 500 & Forex

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Confirmation Entry –

One of the most common questions we receive at Day Trading Forex Live is can the bank trading strategy be applied to other markets outside of forex? Another very common question is can this day trading strategy be applied to longer term charts? The first half of the video walks through 2 different trade setups in the S&P 500….one trade is from a long term chart and the other is a short term day trade setup. This is just one recent example of how versatile the bank trading strategy can be.

It is important to understand that our primary focus is the 15M chart as we believe this is the best time frame for tracking manipulation.

This forex training video also breaks down a trade example from today’s live trading room. After a strong push down the GBP/USD came into a previously selected manipulation point and provided a confirmation entry. Overall the market remained fairly flat and I closed the trade out at the 5PM session change for +3 pips.