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http://pwc2.com/UMA – So there you are with your brand new NinjaTrader platform and a basic set of candle sticks, where do you go from there. When we first learn to day trade this is always a big question; one of the best day trading indicators and a must have is a moving average. Although NinjaTrader indicators come standard with several moving averages, why not look at a set of moving averages on steroids? Like I said, NinjaTrader comes with several moving averages, so why would you want to pay for a set of moving averages in the first place? The difference between “stock” moving averages and custom moving averages could make a vast difference in your day trading.

The Ultimate Moving Average is one of my favorite Indicator Warehouse indicators for many reasons, most important is the amount of versatility the Ultimate Moving Average provides for the value. Now, there is nothing wrong with what comes standard with NinjaTrader indicators, the big difference is what you can do with the UMA. The Ultimate Moving Average includes over a twelve types of moving averages, all in one neat easy to access package. The UMA includes many day trading favorites such as Super Trend, Volatility Moving Average, and our own proprietary Ray’s Moving Average (RMA) (My personal favorite cause it’s mine.:) Not only do these moving averages change color in relation to slope, but you can also define “ranging settings” to help you define when the market may be in a consolidation period as well as losing it’s trend. Check out the video to see how I use it as a trend indicator as well as some other great features that help me with market direction.

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