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http://www.StockMarketFunding.com Learn Options Trading Secrets to Making Money Trading Options GOOG Earnings. Make Money Options Trading Profits Google.com Earnings (GOOG) (High Quality) HD. Options Trading Profits Google com Earnings. Our “Stock Option Trading Advice” in prior videos going into Google’s earnings was to be net long the calls with a few out-of-the-money puts as a hedge. Live trading profits $18,000 and $16,000 as of the production of this video. High performance options swing trading system aimed at producing profits of over 100% in google.com options trading activity. We held both calls and some put options to hedge the portfolio risk however we were heavily weighted to the call side. SMF Pro Traders were rewarded hansomely with huge profits on this huge earnings beat by google. Bank Huge Options Trading Profits on “options expiration”. Maximizing Option Trading Profits With Fast Puts And Calls and intraday options trading strategies. We train stock market traders and options traders to generate income trading stocks and options like a Wall Street Pro. Our “online trading platform” helps calculate all the equity trading activity prior to the stock making its moves. We constantly use risk management through “options strategies” to hedge and reduce risk for our traders. Learn About Option Profits Trading from the Options education leader. Creating Big Options Profits trading Google.com options. Equity Option Strategies for Google.com showed us the stock sold off each earnings report for the last few years and we took the other side of that trade. Our traders really enjoy the “Options Trading System” we’ve created and had a great trade with this options expiration. These live “Option Trading Strategies” are here for our traders to go back and review each and every earnings season. Trading Options involves risk and should be left to the professionals. Day trading strategies are for retail traders and we utilize market maker trading tactics that come from the floor traders down on the NYSE. Subscribe if you like the video and we’re very pleased for all our profitable SMF MMTs!

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