Learn How To Trade Options With These 15 REAL Trades

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http://optionalpha.com – 8 strategies and 15 trades for 1 day is a lot of trading. More than I’ve done in a long time and all because we have really high implied volatility. But this gives me a huge opportunity to help show you how to trade options using my real trades as an example.

Honestly, there is no “magic secret” to trading options. It simply comes down to an understanding of risk management, option pricing and strategy selection.

Instead of learning these lessons the hard way (i.e. losing your shirt in the market), why not take my free 4-part video course as I cover each area in detail. Plus, I’ll go over the exact checklist I use for selecting trades each month!

Start your free 4-part video course here: http://optionalpha.com/free-options-t…

Whether you’re looking to use options trading for hedging and protection or speculation and income, you’ll need to know more about how to use options correctly (meaning that you should actually make a profit). That’s where we come into play!

Just getting started or new to options trading? Here’s a quick resource page we made that you’ll love: http://optionalpha.com/start-here

Because we know you don’t have time to sift through our blog for the top posts, we’ve compiled the best articles for each of the major categories in the above link.

Have fun exploring!