Kishore M FX Trading Strategies: forex trading strategies, best forex strategy

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Close Instant Pip Profit is a powerful spot fx trading strategies. For people who want to learn forex trading, this could be the best forex strategy & forex made easy by this video. Forex day trading strategy that is recommended.


Terseer Michael says:

This strategies are nice but if you dint want to struggle understanding
complex charts and formulars.Just try this

coolboy Rony says:

Someone should kick this guy hard. Dumb bastard.

fasol dorem says:

give us proof. why you don’t publish your trading positions so we know
whether your tradings is profit or not? if your strategies is good, there
is no reason for you to hide your trading positions.

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sk62sg1 says:

100 pips stop loss….?????? If you take it can be a 10K loss based on your
volume. This guy is crazy..

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