Johnny Hebda:Another way to day trade penny stocks

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Johnny Hebda:Another way to day trade penny stocks is early entry signals while the trend is just going to change directions. It is known as market timing. If you get in earlier t the end of the trend just before it changes direction, you will incur lower risk and higher reward. You can determine good market timing by using high probability time cycles. It helps to know when to trade and when not.

Trading with penny stocks is never as simple as that is thought of. But a careful study, on the part of an investor can really help him to get best stocks for him which will fetch high return on investments. But before investing in any kind of stocks, the following points should be considered.
The first thing to be considered before investing in any stock is the financial position of the company. If the assets of the company exceed its liabilities, then it is a positive indication calling for investment.


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