Is Investopedia Academy A good trading school?

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Purchasing Investopedia academy.
I will go thorough all the courses and will let you know my experience. I will let you know if it is good school and if its worth the money.
This is one of the least expensive schools out there so lets try it.

I will discuss:
What school it is?
How to purchase it?
What classes it gives and what videos?
How long is it?

If you have any questions comment below.

Also Investopedia offers Stocks simulator and Forex trader (to start trading with not real money)

Investopedia website:
Investopedia Academy:

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Online trading Academy:
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David Robinson says:

Thank you for showing this

Katya Gabriel says:


Edgar Gabriel says:


Mark Gabriel says:

Trading schools are usually very expensive. This might be a good option πŸ‘Œ

Aiden PΓ©rez says:


America Ru says:


Ace Varelaas says:

πŸ‘€ interesting

Dan Regonta says:


Ezra Zar says:


Mark Gabriel says:


snap ru says:

good question))

fantasy moon says:

I like your videos))))) pictures about bitcoins are amazing ))))

PowerTurtle 66 says:


Mark Gabriel says:


Yulia Gabriel says:

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘very useful

Glendale Galleria says:

yes waiting for next video

PowerSteve 260 says:

Can’t wait for next video about investopidia let us know if it is good
program/school to take?

Phelex Zanusa says:

Well done !!!

Volodya Vanesyan says:


Warrior MinkTribe says:

You should do videos trading in the simulator

Jordan Rivs says:

good luck

Edgar Gabriel says:

Part 2 is coming out soon!!!

torch wood says:

Thank you for sharing your experience with this course.

Pr Services says:


Lexi Vera says:

Stock girl you are πŸ˜‰ amazing

Kostas Demiris says:

Internet Explorer? Really???

English Learners says:


Valverde Pengting says:

Thank you for your videos

Roman Vizel says:

Thanks for sharing

Can Your CPA Do That? says:

Not sure if this video is good or not, couldn’t hear you over the
background music. Your voice should be all we hear. If we wanted music we
wouldn’t be watching this. And although you’re pretty, if we wanted to
watch pretty we wouldn’t have come to this video. Have confidence in your
review and focus solely on that without the window-dressing

David Wood says:

why is the music so loud?

jota p says:

What do you think about the course ?

Blitzofthereich says:

the music is way too loud

armitron34 armitron says:

Watch in 1.25 speed. You are welcome

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