how to trade trading for to day online stock trading

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In this simple but powerful trading video course you’ll learn:

How to identify the phenomenon – what it is and how to harness the power it holds in ANY KIND OF FINANCIAL MARKET…

When you see this market phenomenon, and I’ll teach you what pattern to look for, it gives you a clear signal to go long or short and why it dangerous to act before you get confirmation of the pattern…

Why 99% of all retail traders lose money or only make a small amount of money using options, stocks and futures and how to trade like the professional 1% of traders that make a killing in the market…

What options are, why they are the best trading vehicle for most traders…

What the “greeks” are and how each one works and which ones you need to pay attention to and WHEN…

Why, of all the greeks, one (and it’s not Delta as most option traders think!) is the most powerful greek of all and how paying attention to it can make you HUGE profits… (I actually show you in real-time how this one greek can make you a killing)…

Proven, practical techniques to use in any kind of market to make real and substantial profits with real case studies…

How to KNOW ahead of time that the market is likely to have a big drop – what to buy and when to get out…

How to KNOW when a market has stopped declining and is ready to advance strongly – what to buy and when to get out…

Why buying CALLS at the bottom of a large decline in prices is the WORST thing you can do and why and what options to buy instead for massive profits as the market starts to rally…

How to leverage options so you can profit as much as shorting or going long the actual stock at 1/10th the investment – exactly what to buy and when…

The best way to profit when you know prices are going up (and it’s not buying CALLS)…

The best way to profit when prices are about to enter a new bear market (and it’s not complicated)…

Why the simplest trades are sometimes the best trades…

The only thing you need to know to make money in the market (and it has nothing to do with technical analysis, indicators or whether the market is moving up or down)…

Which option to choose – how and why – when going long or short the market…

A new way to trade long/short ETF’s that recurs with such frequency that you could trade this one phenomenon alone and make a killing with it…day trading for dummies
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