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cameron fous says:

I wonder How many people are gonna check their iphones for txt messages
while watching this video HAHA 🙂 I checked mine twice re-watching this :/

Tacical Gray says:

i really want to get started and have started to massively study online and
such… I want to watch you dvds… but its like $500+ and I really don’t
have that kind of money… im also trying to find how and what software
that is reliable and I can use… anyone have any advice?

Ware Rwe says:

Hi, I am clueless about stocks but blown away by your success. What can a
person do when they have lets say 5k and want to invest it with a person
who can make it grow fast (like yourself). Also, even though Alibaba is at
90 bucks would you throw a large amount into it for long term? One more
then I’ll shut up. To give someone an idea of what you do, can you give me
like 3 to get into tomorrow? I would like to see what I could learn just
from that. Thank you a bunch!

Rudy 08 says:

Hey Cameron, Thanks for showing me SLTD. It has broken out 4 times this
year with strong lows. It is following the fous 4 pattern as well!

Eric Mart says:

you are a great trader .. thanks fous

nick c says:

Do you think BTCS will do well, or break out?

Horacio Sotelo says:

Cameron what’s the beat in the background ?

Euphoric Odyssey says:

what program are you using?

Jesse Corona says:

How much money do I need to start?

Shaun Mitchell says:

What software do you use?

Waldo Linares says:

Invest on $MINE

Keegan Riley says:

I bet you this stock will be $10 a share within a week.

Nick Art says:

short position in NEWL

NickXLRG says:

if you do this for a living dont you have to pay a shit ton in capital
gains tax?

MrBenyhana says:

Damn I was watching NEWL that whole time but I was messing with another
stock and missed out.

Cameron, did you buy it just because it was putting In the pattern, or did
the news influence you buying it? I didn’t think a stock split would cause
a run up like that which is why I didn’t buy into it. Thanks.

Carlos Jaramillo says:

Thank You

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