Hay Day – How to carry out a Nail Trade to upgrade your Silo.

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How to carry out a Nail trade and upgrade that Silo.

Upgrading silos takes a while, as you need to build up your S.E.Ms (Silo Expansion Materials). These are Nils, Screws, and Wood Panels.

Each level requires a set amount and you can find out exactly what’s needed here in my post. http://bit.ly/CheatTool2014

The quickest way to upgrade is to trade or buy them but do be careful of scammers. Join a Facebook group for Hay Day players and build up your friendships.

Safe Groups –

This video shows a sale and purchase of nails between two group members. Notice how the seller has posted a single wheat for 1 coin near the end of the stall and how the buyer taps the boxes till the items comes up.

The single whet is to tell the seller you’re there and ready. The double taping hopefully stops others from jumping in to take the items.

Never trade like this if you have advertised in the paper, as you will lose it to someone else due to the time lag between placing the item and buying it.