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We opened our live trade room this morning @ 730am and we followed the same routine as we always do… Step 1: Identify the Market We See Step 2: Adjust to what we see Step 3: Execute trades according to our mechanical trading rules We opened the day with a losing trade on the DAX (FDAX), which costs us 12.00 points on the DAX. This trade was a counter-trend trade set-up that we call the 2-step pattern. We made the right trade decision, but we just barely got bounced out of the market due to an extra-tight stop that was used of 4 points due to the low volume price action in the markets this morning. Losses happen, and we had to then focus again, and look to take the next qualified trade opportunity… Our next trade opportunity came on the EURO (6E), and this time we didn’t miss a tick! We enter this trend-continuation trade just after price broke into a pre-determined trade ‘zone’ that we defined at 730am EST this morning, and this winning trade made us ALL the money back and put us in the GREEN for the day! We will be looking to improve on this PNL position this afternoon…more to come! Did you know that our LIVE TRADE ROOM opens at 730am EST every day? Come watch us trade 6 different markets LIVE in REAL TIME! Want more info?


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