Forex Day Trading – Basics of Forex Day Trading

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Close – Forex Day Trading – Basics of Forex Day Trading Day Trading or Intra day Trading is the name of buying and selling stocks on the same day in order to make some profit. It is risky. It is not for long term investors but traders. The following aspects must be kept in mind while doing a day trading.

Stock picking is very vital. The trader must make an informed decision rather than relying on rumors.

A suitable stop loss must be maintained.

Instead of buying up lots of stocks at one go, it is advisable to buy them on parts even on an intra day basis. It will help in averaging of prices.

Instead of giving a high limit price, one must book whatever profits that can be obtained.

A high end trading platform like a good computer must be used in order to execute the orders quickly as stock prices fluctuate very rapidly.

If possible, short selling can be avoided. The extent of profit to be made is limited but the extent of loss can be unlimited.

Instead of unknown stocks, it is better to trade in good large cap. Mid cap or even small cap stocks.

It is good for the investor to track the indices carefully and remain abreast of the global cues and momentary developments.

It is advisable to keep some cash in hand in case the trader needs to average out the price.

A good brokerage house of repute must be chosen that provides transparency and efficient service.

By following these simple rules, a day trader can succeed in making money. Having said all these, nothing can beat long term investing in creating wealth. And the living legend to prove the fact is Warren Buffet himself. Best of luck.

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