Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz live updates Chat Rooms, great chat rooms for fight night

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Mayweather lands big combo with Ortiz huddled downward. Ortiz gets his feet, lbs Mayweather in opposition to ropes with his individual hard barrage. Mayweather nods it doesn’t damage. Ortiz hurts Mayweather, but loses a level on head butt. Mayweather knocks down Ortiz with appropriate and left. Ortiz is counted out. Combat more than. Controversial end. Referee Joe Cortez had separated the fighters right after the position deduction. Cortez gave a weak signal to resume, and Mayweather unleashed blows to Ortiz, who was seemingly hoping to apologize to Mayweather and didn’t know the battle had resumed. He used to get up at 7 and couldn’t.



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