FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Trading | How To Start Off On The Web App My Way!

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Today I will be showing you how to begin your journey on the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Web App, I’ll tell you what you should do with your starterpacks, how to trade (How To Make Coins), what to keep, what to sell and so on! Drop a like if you enjoyed the video!

• FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Trading | How To Start Off On The Web App My Way!


iHarpstarHD - Fifa 15 UT & Trading says:

Loved the graph mate. xD

Sks says:

Is he dutch???


They should delete the web app when the game comes out, that would stop the
coin selling most probably

BestOfTheWestGaming says:

i whent to a festival called nass in the summer messy

erkan E says:

whats the song called? and don’t comment darude-sandstorm cause its not
funny at all

DutchFifaCommunity 1 says:

can you buy fifa points on the web app 17 sept?

lee powell says:

I got Lloris in a loyalty pack, he currently goes for around 20k do you
think I should wait or sell now?

Nicolai Jensen says:

What is the name of the app

Igor Silva says:

my best player was david villa (80) (webapp fifa 15)

AugustXD says:

gr8 vid!

Raphael Wagner says:

i pre ordered ultimate team edition 

SimplyAger says:

A good tip (maybe be not related to the early start but) Vargas’ valencia
ST card was soo rare because he had decent stats , If someone is on a LOAN
til the winter transfer window KEEP THEM wait a bit and make a little
profit, even sweeter if they got a TOTW

NassFIFA says:
Cesar Rodriguez says:

I’m confused what’s the web app? I usually get the game and buy FIFA
points. You can get players before the game is out? 

basit ali says:

Hey mate could you tell me how do I make coins for fifa 15 ut android

Oleg Yaglikov says:

How do u login ??? 

cristiano ronaldo says:

sold m villa voor 1,500k and he is shit want to buy zarate now but he
goes for 2k

wancha congha says:

are you dutch?

UnstoppableThe1st says:

keep or sell doumbia?

Samir Khan says:

Nice reminder man all the best to yo you’re channel I’ll shout you out on
twitter :)

Moroccan Mafia says:

Loved this mate thanks !!!

Pim Bodzinga says:

Je accent is niet Nederlands, wist eerst niet dat je Nederlands was hahaha.

Francis Suter says:

second inform doesn’t have to be a big problem if the first if has a
different position

Benjamin Laryea says:

The price is gonna be high you preak

Dylan Soupart says:

I packed de bruyne and de Rossi and i’m Shit at trading ! Keep or sell?

Nostalgia Gaming says:


myaagent says:

yo nass i packed pogba he is arround 11K now should i sell him

xAbood HD says:

كفو يا بطل لايك شباب

Glen McGlen says:


Arno Spies says:

Yo nass hoe gaat iee

Joe Alborough says:

Great vid. first vid ive watch of urs and subbing

Ayo Oloruntade says:

xavi keep or sell

ahti lindfors says:

But I think u can transfer ur fifa points from fifa 14 to fifa 15

BLKDMND775 says:

Yup good tips…last year I saw a ronaldo go for 400 something k in the
begging of UT final bid

Fifacoins Fut says:
Augusto Tomaz says:


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