Fifa 15 – Learn How to Trade – Chemistry Styles !

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Hey guys from the great feedback from Learn to Trade – Position Change i have decided to do Chemistry Styles 😀 if you are new feel free to subscribe and if enjoyed please leave a massive thumbs up can we smash 75 likes?

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NewBestDJ says:

i had 168k, i spent it all for 7.5k Gold Packs… LOL
i didnt get 1 good player…
So i started with around 2k, just in one day i made 33k!
You are the best, your Methods are the best!
Thank you

Eoin Berry says:

Great video keep it up and where is the trading to zlatan series

Jack Bates says:

Nice video make an intro

JTR Gaming says:

Ur such a good youtuber uve got potential keep ip the great vids

PrymeFUT says:

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