[English] SHINING STAR: Intraday Strategy on STAR – in English

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Today in this publication, I have come up with a very interesting topic, i.e. – Intraday Trading strategy on STAR or Strides Pharma. This is a very easy to implement intraday strategy which is giving a good MTM profit…

This video is in the English Language.

To watch the Hindi version of this video follow: https://dai.ly/x72lsn0

To watch the Bengali version of this video follow: https://dai.ly/x72lsn1

This is a tutorial video on intraday strategy on STAR or Strides Pharma Science Ltd. This is purely a breakout strategy without using any indicators and very easy to trade on that.

I have given a name to this strategy – the “SHINING STAR”…. Why? Because it is fetching a good amount of profit for me from the stock market.

This is a specially designed intraday strategy for working professionals, where anyone can take trade by seeing the market for only 10-15 minutes. No need to monitor the market constantly.

In this video, I have explained the strategy very deeply. Hope you will like this video….

Watch this video and visit the main article to learn more.

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