DTS Day Trading Room Update | DTS, a Trading System That Works

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http://pwc2.com/iw – Today in the DTS Day Trading Room, Diversified Trading Systems truly demonstrated that DTS is a trading system that works. It was a typical, no-news Monday and it was very choppy; many times when the market is like this, we tend to lose hope of any kind of decent trades. This is a common problem that plagues many day traders, I know it has taken a toll on me in the past. Part of the DTS day trading system (futures trading strategy) is to have three different signal generators that give the day trader more opportunities to enter the market under various day trading conditions and today in the room Erich really showed us “how it is done”!

As day traders we need to exercise patience, this is not always easy. How many times have you been day trading on line and had one chart with only one set up you can take? You sit there patiently waiting, waiting, and waiting; the more you wait the more anxious you get and low and behold you force the trade. I am not saying that DTS is perfect, but I’ll be darned if today didn’t yield some great day trading system signals, but it did it for three different signal generators on three different markets. Everything you will see in the video is the “high-lights” of two hours worth of day trading only! Check out Erich as he makes the trades.