Discover the simple 3 steps to trading success in 2014

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Before we dig right into 3 steps to trading success , I want to guide you for a second. This won’t hurt and will take only a few sentences.

The Spartan FX Academy 3 step formula is not just a trading system but more a guide you want to follow in order to create and keep the right mindset as a trader. Remember; you want to be successful for longer than a day I guess!

Especially when you are a new trader, you want to go from losing money to not losing money first. Then you need to improve. Learn from your mistakes and start making money.

You also want to keep the money you are making and grow your trading account over time. So, trading mastery is a process that needs like everything that counts in live a bit time!

There a two ways to do this…

1. You just jump into it, open trading accounts lose a lot of money and try again and again for years until you understand the real values in trading or…

2. You follow the 3 simple steps to trading success , save a lot of money, time and stress, enjoy the markets and build up your personal trading business with a clear mind.

I would personally suggest you go with the second option here. Point one was my choice took when I started and I can’t recommend it at all. Not only because I lost a lot of money, but because it made me feeling sick every single day in past.

But let’s not talk about me here. The reason I created this small but very powerful 3 steps to trading success blue print was to help YOU saving a lot of time and money in your trading future.
Make sure you read this manual many times and apply all 3 steps before you even thing about opening any trading positions.
As I mentioned already in some of the intro videos; I use this formula for many years with success and many of my students also.

Here are the 3 steps to trading success!

Step 1:

Understand the markets by reading charts a 100% correctly. Then identify a trend or a market range on high time frames and look for trading setups according to the trading system and your trading plan only.

Step 2:

If a signal is triggered you don’t hesitate. You trade by splitting your position into multiple parts, and never expose your account to more than 1 or 2 % risk. Your goal is to stay in a trade as long as possible, especially when you ride a trend. If the price goes your way you look always for bigger targets and trail your stop according to the system rules.

Step 3:

The markets never move in one direction without taking a breather (pullback, retracement). You take advantage of these pullbacks on lower time frames by locking in profits (hedging). You will make incremental profits on the pullbacks and leave the main trend positions running according to the trade management rules. Now repeat these 3 steps to trading success again and again!

You can apply this formula in all major financial markets. So I am talking about Forex, Stocks, Options, Metals etc. In order to get it right and make it easy for you I like to watch the video here.
As they saying goes…”a picture is worth more than a thousand words”

Have fun

Nikos Mermigas