Daytrader – Firebreather

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Let’s start with the lungs that won’t work
That won’t breathe
While the acid climbs, burning its way up
I’m still breathing fire
I’m still breathing flames
Don’t seem to be changing
Move on to the heart that won’t beat in rhythm
It shakes and stutters, losing its pace and
I’m still breathing fire
I’m still breathing flames
When will it be changing
What can you find when there’s nothing to see through
How can you sing when there’s nothing to speak to
How can you breathe when your body’s working against you
You eyes are burning there’s a smokescreen to see thought
Don’t be content to wait til they save you
You just breathe
So close those eyes and take a deep breathe in
Know you’ll make it if you just let yourself
You can breathe
Life is hard enough without these complications
Don’t let them wear away the core of your ambition
Your hopeful spirit