Day Trading Success Stories – Big Results = Big Process

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Day Trading Success Stories – Big Results – Big Process
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Hey ya’ll Liz, here. Today I’m going to put out this video that I promised everyone who reads my blog. The video discusses just how exactly I was able to become not only a world class poker player but also a world class day trader.

I can say for starters that it’s no secret how strongly I feel about the things I’m about to reveal to you in this video. In fact if you want to know more about my personal story then I suggest you look up my story in Jared Tendler’s poker book. I am one of the few players featured in there.

So enough of that let me begin by telling you more about my day trading success story. Just how exactly did I go from confused trader to competent professional .

For most of you, this you’re going to think that this isn’t the answer to what you are looking for. You’re going to want it to be more and by more I mean, sexier. You’re going to want to belive it’s the indicators or some special trading signal that I’m looking for in the market. But the truth remains is that most of that stuff doesn’t matter.

When it comes down to why certain people relentlessly use the market as their personal ATM; it all comes down to the ability to control your emotions and work away from the market. And that’s exactly what I’m about to discuss.

My Day Trading Success Stories

So, here’s my big secret. In fact it was this secret that propelled me from being an average chump at online poker to a multi millionaire. And in a way it’s not really much of a secret. I find that very few use it and those that do truly understand what it takes to be a champion at absolutely anything that they do. Here’s the five step process model that I’m talking about courtesy of Jared Tendler:

1. Prepare
2. Perform
3. Results
4. Evaluate
5. Analyze

My question to you is, are you doing any of these in your trading right now? If you aren’t then chances are you have a huge leak in your trading game and it needs to be patched up. This model alone will take you to earnings you never thought possible. You just have to implement it and watch yourself become a better trader.

Hope you liked some insight on to how I created my own day trading success story.