Day Trading Success Formula

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Your Secret Formula for Day Trading Success:
Training from + Practice + Discipline to follow the rules + Belief + Action = SUCCESS!!!

Paper Trade, Paper Trade, Paper Trade, it is the most important thing you can do to be a successful trader.
Paper trading or Virtual trading is when you practice trading on your trading platform, but it is simulated using pretend money. You will be making trades exactly like a live account but you’re not making or losing any real money.
Why is it important, because you need to know how your platform works, how to get in and out of trades, how the instrument your trading is moving and reacting to market forces. Above all this will build your confidence.
Unfortunately most people who open a trading account and want to trade thing they will be the exception. They don’t need to practice; they will be able to make money with their first trades. Don’t start behind the 8 ball by trading live right away, know your platform, know how to get in and out of a trade, understand the instrument your trading and know how to place stops.
Above all you want to spend adequate time practicing on your virtual account so you are emotionally and psychologically strong.