Day Trading Strategy Bollinger Bands Squeeze

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Close This is our third video in our day trading strategies series but the first containing the strategy itself. Be sure to watch the two prior videos so you understand how to best use these free day trading videos. We are showing you our Bollinger Bands Squeeze strategy. How to trade it with entry and exit. We are also showing you how to increase the odds by filtering out the weaker trades.

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PIP Randhawa says:

very good explain dear

The3DFeelings says:

Just found MT4 does not have %B built into it – any idea how to get it on
MT4 as I like using it, cos it’s very fast & nimble for making trades.

The3DFeelings says:

How do we get Bollinger Band %B, drawn on Metatrader4? I can’t find it on
my charting software……

Do we have to have a special charting software to be able to get it as you
have it on your chart?

Thanks for the video – if I can get the charting tools that you’re using
then I think for the first time I’ve come across a very scientific way of
trading the market.

Capital Forex Training says:

Very well presented and couldn’t agree more. Great video for Bollinger band

wingrovedl says:

I’m learning. Thank You.

ml_Paris_Sixteen says:

Hey really like the video but I have a question about the Bollinger Band
%B, I cannot find this indicator in my software (ninjatrader) and would
like to know if there’s another name to it? Thanks!

howlandmoon825 says:

thank you

teamprosper100 says:

Great video. I trade 15 min binary options on currency pairs. Any advice on
BB settings when looking at a 5 min chart for entries.

madphilie says:

your videos are amazing , I am learning so much to add to my systems


Thank you 😀

Stock Market Strategy says:

@wingrovedl Glad to hear that and you are welcome.

Wilco van Boxtel says:

Clean vids. Welldone.

Stock Market Strategy says:

@nuonrg Thank you


Thank you ..:D

Meow784 says:

Very good introduction!

SirZi says:

I love all your videos especially on the bollinger bands which is my
favourite tool for day trading. Any advice on the setting of the parameter
settings for day trading on bollinger bands, width and %b on the period,
deviation for 5 min chart? And if Im using the bollinger band period 20 and
std deviation 2, can i set the setting on the band width for 12 period and
1.9 std deviation, what is the slow setting for band width in this case?
and also for %b also 12 period and 1.9 std deviation? Thx

Muniraj Yelgulwar says:

thax sur for best Great video i am biganaer

Stock Market Strategy says:

@SirZi We use the std settings of 20 and 2 on the 5 min chart. Yes you can
set the settings differently on the BBs and the BBWidth but personally I do
not see the reason for this as I would get two different signals. The
reason I use both the Bands and the Width is that it is easy for me too see
an extreme or historical low reading aka Squeeze. BandWidth makes it easy
for me to compare the readings.The %B is to filter out potential bad
trades. Hope this helps.

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Stock Market Strategy says:

@howlandmoon825 Your welcome

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