Day Trading From India

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ramon h says:

where will the price of bitcojn be in december?

LiftingPeanuts says:

Is this how you normally pick your stocks? News first, charts second? It
makes sense to me but there’s so much contradictory information out there
it’s hard to trust a specific source. I’m a completely newbie to trading,
it seems like there is so much you need to learn before you start… Where
and how do I start?? also, great videos mate, keep it up! :)

zikuskate says:

Hey Chris, thanks a lot for all the knowledge you’re sharing man. I know
there are a lot people right there that are getting the itch to trade after
watching your vids, but they still need some assistance. Many don’t know
what are the best ways to deposit on your BTC-e account and want to use
BTC-e for its low fees (especially those just starting with low amounts of
money). I think if you make a video tutorial on how to make a trade on
BTC-e it would really help many people right there since there is almost
nothing about it on youtube, and the FAQ on the website sucks big time.

jarvisthebox says:

what platform do you use ? 

Cody McGaughey says:

will you post a video about what indicators you like to use, if any? thanks

Stephen Miller says:

I want to see more live trading videos. Reviewing setups is great, but I
like seeing how you trade those setups as they’re developing.

weathermayne61 says:

You always look like a fugitive man running the police.
Good video though!

NESSECK89 says:

chris, nice that you are traveling as you are trading. but i have to ask,
how long have you been trading?
and how long have you been trading profitably? 

Jose Lakas says:

Hey Chris, I really enjoy the interview videos (as well as all the other
ones :))
It could be fun to interview random locals about their lifestyle. I’m
pretty curious about Japanese people, never been there yet.

Ryan Koh says:

Interesting channel! It is very cool the thing you are doing. Travelling
while trading. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Can I know in
your opinion how much money would anyone need to start trading? 

Shyam Patel says:

Love your videos! Awesome how you are traveling the world while trading.
That’s the dream! I was wondering on your thoughts of avoiding the PDT

peem41 says:

When are you gonna come to thailand? 

Jeremy Adair says:

I want to see the Dunn’s go bass fishing when you get to Japan. #lakebiwa

Eric Soden says:

Great video as always. 

Naren Patel says:

Thanks again Chris, love your videos. You use your trading platforms well
with the charts, looks like your doing really well. I really need to draw
up a good trading plan like yours. Would be awesome to know how to apply
your trading plan to any market, like Indices/Gold/Currencies etc…

Enjoy your stay in India, its a beautiful country. 

x2lol2x says:

Hi Chris, how many shares did you short? My second question is where do i
trade bitcoins? I have to admit that I started day trading from watching
your videos 2 months ago…

Mike Kesselring says:

I’ve always wanted to travel like you are doing but never knew a job that
would allow it- good for you and your wife for figuring this out and making
it work!

I’m very curious about the costs. How much have you been spending overall
on travel (airfare, hotels, etc)?
How much do you normally make in trades? Daily? Biggest trade?

I’m new to the channel and I hope these questions aren’t too invasive. If
so, just disregard.
Good luck!

dbm287 says:

A day in the life video would be really cool Chris!

dellydell1803 says:

You’re the man Chris..I like how you roll. Have a safe trip in India and
enjoy your journey :)

ramon h says:

more bitcoin videos please.

weathermayne61 says:

“Trading for dummies”
Would be helpful for me, haha.

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