Day Trading Forex Live – Bank Trading Entry Strategy – July 15th 2014

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Confirmation Entry Day Trading Strategy –

During the live New York training session from July 15th 2014 we covered the confirmation entry in depth. One of the most important aspect of tracking market manipulation is first being able to identify likely points the manipulation could occur at. After identifying these high probability points you must then have a set criteria to validate the manipulation and take the trade, or to avoid it.

The entry technique we use to day trade market manipulation is the confirming entry. If you are learning to trade forex I would highly recommend this entry strategy. Whether you are a beginner in the forex market or a pro forex trader this training video will benefit you.

Those who are still learning to trade forex will benefit greatly due to the mechanical nature of the confirmation trading technique. The confirmation entry is mechanical in nature once a manipulation point is reached. As such, all of the discretion that normally plagues beginner forex traders is taken out.