Day Trading for Dummies? Suggestions for aspiring day traders

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This video is for people new to trading and those that just aren’t getting anywhere.

So what IS trading? Is day trading for dummies at all? What is it you have committed to learning and hope to make money from? Have you stopped to consider the nature of trading?

Is trading a skill, like playing an instrument, driving a car, riding a bike?
Or is trading a problem with a solution, like a maths or physics test?

What would you like trading to be?

Most people would love trading to be a problem with a solution. You’d spend time figuring out what the solution is and then you just apply the solution over and over again without any real thought because all the thought went into figuring out the solution.

Some people will be fine with trading being a skill. We’ve all learnt to do new things before and why should trading be any different? You’d learn what to do, spend time practicing and once you are skilled, you can apply those skills to live markets and reap the rewards.

The thought of trading being a competition, a duel, a battle — well that’s probably the least savory option for most people. After all, who wants to battle the markets day in day out?

Regardless of what you’d like trading to be. It is what it is. The markets won’t adapt to you, you need to adapt to the markets. If you find yourself wanting the markets to be something they are not, then this will stand in the way of your success.

So, is day trading for dummies? Certainly not, but you don’t have to be Einstein either.

Focus on becoming a good trader.

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