Day Trading For A Living

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Close Hubert Senters has been a full time day trader since 1997. He is the co-founder of with John F. Carter. Hubert Senters will discuss how he got started in day trading. Why he continues day trading despite being financial independent. What he enjoys about day trading. Who should be interested in day trading and is day trading the career path for you. The kind of lifestyle you can achieve by becoming a day trader.
Hubert Senters was born in Paintsville, KY with an entrepreneurial personality that encouraged him to try out new businesses and careers paths.

Hubert left college in 1994 and headed off to launch a successful mobile on-site fleet maintenance company. His new business provided complete preventative maintenance, mechanical repairs to large and small companies. Eventually Hubert was managing 32 employees and running revenue of $4.8 million per year. This successful venture of Hubert’s was ultimately acquired by one of the leading national oil companies.

Hubert Senters was in the process of building this organization when he met the David (Transmission shop chain owner). Hubert had worked with David in the past but thought nothing else of it. One day, David invited Hubert to his office to watch him day trade. Hubert was intrigued by the offer and visited David and watched him make money by the minute. Four hours later, Senters was hooked to day trading online. After watching David make eighteen thousand dollars in that short period of time, Hubert knew he had to know more about what made the trading market work. Hubert departed on a journey to learn all he could about day trading.

Hubert Senters continued to sit next to his new day trading mentor every day for a year. He was determined to learn all that his mentor knew of the stock market and decipher how he read the market. Hubert maintained the same discipline he teaches today. He did not place his first trade until one year later. Over the next 18 months Hubert helped David manage $25 thousand and turn it into $862 thousand before taking a 20% drawdown. Once Hubert started trading, there was no turning back. He had found his niche.

Hubert Senters eventually sold his fleet maintenance company and went into online trading full time. Hubert has been online trading ever since for the last 10 years.

Hubert Senters launched in 2000 with John Carter. He is often heard calling out his trades live in our day trading chat room. Hubert Senters has garnered a loyal trading community following with his keen sense of the trading markets, his frank teaching style, and his willingness to help others learn from him.

Hubert Senters is a professional day trader and successful entrepreneur. His philosophy is that, “If you want to achieve something in life, find someone who is good that what you want to do and and learn everything they know about it.” That very philosophy has made Hubert Senters a successful day trader today. Hubert is a firm believer that you need to have your own style and method of trading that works for you.

Hubert’s favorite indicator is the Senters squeeze indicator which he uses on a daily basis. Hubert uses the Squeeze to systematically catch volatility and know the market direction. Hubert has found that trading with the squeeze indicator provides him with reliability, consistency and the potential for profitability while day trading. For him, the squeeze indicator does not require an extensive amount of judgment, thought or time and therefore, minimizes stress while trading the markets.