Day Trading For A Living – Can You Live off $3375 In One Day?

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Day Trading For A Living – Can You Live off $3375 In One Day?
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Day trading for a living can be an extremely hard profession if you allow it to be. Most of the time we are so focused on how well certain people do in the market that we tend to not really pay close attention to how they are doing it.

That’s exactly the reason why for the last few weeks I haven’t shown you some of the large amounts of money a day trader can actually make. I’ve actually stuck to showing you what’s possible on a beginner’s day trading strategy with one contract.

But to be quite honest with you day trading for a living can be so much more lucrative when you actually get really good at it. That’s my purpose with showing you my trading for the next week. At the end of last year I was trading somewhere around ten contracts which equals to about $500 per point. This year I hope to reach the 100 contract mark but it will take quite some time to get there.

So, today I decided to show you what it’s really like to do some day trading for a living with a larger contract load. You’ve already seen exactly what a beginner can do and today and the rest of this week I’ll show you what can happen once you’ve mastered the art of consistency and have a complete trading plan.

At the end of last week I was actually hesitant about continuing to trade five total contracts. After all the market had been rather sluggish the past few weeks and not really the volume and volatility that I like to see. However, I figured one week shouldn’t be too bad. And after all I am a gambler. What’s the worst that could happen?

I’m glad I just decided to go for it. And honestly I could tell just from the pre-market that we could be in for quite a ride. Notice the difference between last week’s pre-market and this week’s. This was the first clue that led me to believe that trading five contracts would be just fine.

Overall the day was totally to the upside and this was pretty easy to spot if you have trained your eyes to recognize the market environment. This is an extremely important step that I teach all of my students. It is at the core of our learning.

Overall on the day I finished up 13.75 points for a total of $3375 at five contracts.

Not bad for a day’s work.