Day Trading Blog – Watch as I Run A Small Account Up

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Day Trading Blog – Watch as I Run A Small Account Up
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Hey Traders,

I just wanted to briefly talk about not only my score in the market today but also wanted to let everyone know the things that I have planned for the coming year. To start off I just wanted to say that I have had quite a bit of success training brand new traders at becoming profitable.

In fact not only have I been training brand new traders but I’ve also been training traders that others might call damaged. What exactly do I mean by damaged. Well these traders have quite a few emotional problems that most would interpret as standard problems. And you see that’s the problem with all the trading coaches out there. The majority of them do not know how to train people on the emotional level.

In fact, I would venture on to say that the emotional level of trading is the single most important thing to train. That’s why I start all my trader’s at learning this stuff right out of the gate.

And this is the same type of stuff that I plan on discussing in my day trading blog, which eventually I will attempt to update very frequently. The single most important thing that I plan on tracking there though is, how much do I make on a daily basis. This is the single most popular question that I am asked. And to start off I’ll be trading this sim account and towards the end of the challenge I’ll post my actual results. I’m gonna do this because I don’t want new traders to get any wrong ideas about how much they can actually make in the market.

Lucky for you that I’m a former poker player and if any of you know poker players, there’s one thing that’s certain. They aren’t shy. In fact poker players throw around their day’s earnings like nothing. So, do not be offended or think that I’m bragging, because I’m not. I’m a poker player at heart.

So, tossing around daily earnings is just an everyday thing for us.

Finally, I will also be giving mini lessons on my day trading blog. These are very similar to the lessons I give my students on a daily basis at my training site. Not only will they be from a technical standpoint but you should count on me giving my trade psychology tips here and there.

So, if you want to learn how to get good at all this stuff then make sure you visit my day trading blog once or twice a week. You won’t be sorry.