Day Trading Blog – Sometimes Life Gets In The Way Take 2

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Day Trading Blog
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Ok everyone, so I know last week I said I was going to be starting this day trading blog at my site. But because of some bad luck in real life I wasn’t able to start that out. Before I actually begin keeping that day trading blog up to date I first wanted to let you know what my plan is going to be in these trading videos that details how well I did in the market each and every day.

I guess I should also include how poorly I do, do occasionally.

To begin with remember that I am showing you what is possible trading one contract on a sim account. I do not actually want to show my true earnings till the end of the month long challenge. The reason being that most people create very high expectations for themselves and then quit when they can’t reach those expectations. So onto the recap.

First thing I noticed today in the pre-market was the decent movement it had. Lately we’ve been used to seeing it hardly move on Monday mornings in the pre-market. But that just wasn’t the case today. It already had moved quite a bit when I opened up NinjaTrader.

The first thing I did notice however is just how flat it had gone. This is a clear indication that traders were waiting for the official open just to see which direction the market would head in. Eventually we broke to the downside and I had an entry signal for a couple of short trades. I was able to win one and lose the other. No big deal though since my system does have a nearly two to one risk/reward ratio.

We eventually pushed up for just a bit but the downtrend wasn’t going to be held today. The market quickly fell off and we began going down strong. There were many short opportunities along the way and I was able to take quite a few of them in a very conservative manner.

By conservative I mean the way I enter my trades. My typical winners run between 1.75 and 2 points. Overall on the day I did really well and was able to finish up 8 points. Today I traded 2 contracts by mistake. I had promised to start with a beginners strategy on this day trading blog but I totally forgot and actually was trading 2.

Tomorrow I will not make the same mistake. I have my strategy and my beginner plan ready to go and will begin the official day trading blog tomorrow. Until then I share with you the above video and hopefully you can learn something from my trades today.

Thanks again and Good luck with your trading.