Day Trading Academy Reviews: Jose (First Week Live – 1 hour A Day)

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This Day Trading Academy Review is by Jose. Trading live for a full week now with a 47% winning ratio. Visit for more information on learning how to day trade.

Learning how to day trade can be a complicated thing if we are not looking at the market the right way. To counteract this The Day Trading Academy reviews it’s traders charts every day, week, and month as well. We diligently keep track of all of our traders and ensure that we only take on a small group of new traders to ensure that the quality of our training program is at the highest levels.

This trader pose a marked his first full week of day trading live with positive results. He has seen exceptional results throughout the last few months and was encouraged to go live since he has been doing so well. One of the great things about José and his results is that he only obtained a 47% win ratio for his trade. This really says everything about our Congressive Trading System.

Through our back testing we have found that one only needs to be 40% correct in order to make money. This leaves very large room for error as a trader can be wrong and lose up to 60% of this trade still make money.

Jose reviews the Day Trading Academy and talks about how he wants his own life of freedom and now he has seen the ability to make money in the markets as his way out.
We look forward to having Hosea join the ranks of our graduate master traders can continue to provide updates on the status with his live trading in addition to providing the Day Trading Academy reviews.

When people complete our training program we always recommend that they follow the steps outlined that we have in our training program. José mentioned that in the video in regards to the tedious work that he had to do in the beginning to get to where he is today. The Day Trading Academy not only offers a person the ability to learn how to day trade but also provides the tools to build discipline and a winning system that provides confidence.

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