Day Trader Salary – What Can You Expect To Make When You Get Good?

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Day Trader Salary – What Can You Expect To Make When You Get Good?
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What Can a Day Trader Expect To Make On A Good Day?

As you can see from the video today can be considered a good day. I scored just under nine points and nearly $2,100. Not bad for a day’s work. But if you were trading last week then you’ll realize that this isn’t always the case for a day trader.

In fact last week was the total opposite. I wasn’t even able to win 9 points all last week. I just barely managed to be a slight winner on the week. So, a day trader salary can vary just depending on how well price cooperates with them during the week. A day trader salary will also vary depending on just how well they are able to control their emotions during tumultuous times. And last week was exactly one of those times.
Overall this is the key to being a huge winner in the market place. If you can control your emotions during the trying times you will literally will money from the markets. It’s the key to becoming a huge winner.

So, when the day starts out we are in a range moving completely to the side. In fact I think I was just a little bit too anxious to start on the day because I jumped the gun and immediately took the first long. Unfortunately I was stopped out immediately and then came to the conclusion that we might just be headed south and with a ton of strength.
From that point forward I just made it a point to take every single short opportunity that pulled back to the midband. I just place an order there and was able to dominate this market using a beginner exit strategy. It’s really day trading for dummies.

I managed to take six consecutive winners and then finished the day with two losers and one break even trade. It’s all really quite simple when you take the time to study it. If you note on the chart the market was in a strong trend to the downside and once you discover this it’s important to have a plan in place to be able to extract as much money as possible from this type of market.

Keep in mind that this is not a typical day trader salary. It takes a bit of time to work up to this level.