Can You Make Money Day Trading -You Bet Your A$@ You Can!

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Can You Make Money Day Trading?
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Hey Everyone,

As usual I’ve got an interesting question that I’m getting asked constantly by beginning day traders. That question is, can you make money day trading? So, I don’t want to be so sales pitchy with you all and I want to tell you the real truth behind that statement that I’m constantly asked.

Can You Make Money Day Trading?

You can certainly make money day trading, but keep in mind that you aren’t going to see huge results when you first get started. And that is the primary reason that most of this challenge only shows you my sim results. Towards the end I will show you my actual profits when day trading live.

We’ll start with the good side of things. This is the typical side you see when you come across a trading guru’s blog and they tell you the success they’ve had in day trading. Obviously they really want to sell you into their system and joining their following. So, they are definitely going to show you all the success they individually have using their system.

The part that you don’t see however is the failures that they had to get through in order to achieve this certain level of success that they’ve had. In fact if you’ve followed and bought enough of their systems you might eventually be scarred and unable to believe any of them. The reason being is that you’ve tried your fair share and just couldn’t get them to work for you.

And that’s the bad part of this all. The fact that we start out with really high expectations, which eventually lead us to fall extremely hard on our face. And we expect results instantly because that’s just how we are. After all Trading Guru X did it, why can’t we?

Like I said earlier though anyone can make money day trading, but it’s going to take some time and some hard work. It’s not just going to work with an automatic trading robot that does things for you and instantly starts making you thousands of dollars on a daily basis. You’re not going to be able to push a button instantly and do this from day one.

It’s going to take a certain level of hard work and dedication to be able to achieve your financial dreams. But, it’s definitely doable with a solid plan, mentor, and the willingness to work hard to get there.

So, back to the question, can you make money day trading? If you watch in the video you’ll see that the answer to that question is, YES! On this particular day I traded 2 contracts and was able to make $825.00. Not bad for 2 hours of work. Even if you had traded 1 contract that would still be equivalent to right around $400.

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