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Who Is Thomas Lawrence?

Do you want to know more about the creator of Binary Trading Hack? Do you like knowing about the person you are buying a product from? Do you want to know their background? And why you should trust them?

I always think it’s important to know a little background about the creators of a product, especially if they claim to be ‘experts’ in their field… So I will give you all a little background on who the creator of Binary Trading Hack is.

So I use to make a little post about the Thomas Lawrence creator.

My name is Thomas Lawrence and I’m a full time trader from San Diego, California. I’m not going to show you fake account statements and claim I’m making a million dollars a month. I live a very comfortable life making around $30-$60k a month from options market. Click here for more http://ow.ly/zKc0e

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Joey Gomez says:

I want to a software for binary option trading.So please suggest me.

Glenn S. Marks says:

hmmm interesting….

Marc Kenigsberg says:

Well Done and Well Explained!!!

Michael Spencer says:


bogdan danci says:

thanks for sharing your info really cool! you have ea for metatrader ?

zayed almansoori says:

thanks a lot i try it it’s work with me 95% ^_^

Asya Rayford says:

please does this strategy work??? Am currently in need of a strategy that
would get me $150k fast enough,the one am using now earns me about $6000 a
week and it’s very slow to get to the needed amount for withdrawal.Please
am desperately in need of this,kindly contact me: asyalrayford@gmail.com

Bernedette Leonie Hendricks-Clayforth says:

wow and wow. However I can’t get my MACD to load up like yours. Its just 1
llne and the graph. I am on MT4. Please advise. Thanks for your share. I
love it.

Vivian M. Preas says:

is that binary option really work? i need more information someone please
help me. i have google+ account to contact.

Don Povey says:

I signed on a while ago with a $500 dollar deposit to Amber Options. The
first day, the automated system raised my balance to $521. Nothing more
happened for a few days so I sent an email to the support address. No
reply. I realize my deposit was a small one; however, I was just testing
the waters and would have deposited more if there had been more action.
So, I contacted Amber Options asking to withdraw $500 from my account.
They replied that I have to provide a lot of private information first. I
assume I’ll never get my money back. That is not a big deal to me – I have
plenty elsewhere. But just want to warn folks that this is either a very
poorly run setup or else downright dishonest and/or illegal. Be warned
before signing on.

Harold McDowell says:

How about this software? It is good to use?
Help me out.

dean liddlecabel says:

Mate last night with your strategy it blew my mind, novice to the industry
but made huge results. Then with my dumb ass emotions ( now learning my
mistakes to control them) I lost it all, my winnings that is. But watched
your video again took notes this time and wham bam back on track. Thank you
for sharing this knowledge and allowing us to benefit from it. Much
appreciated. Dean

steven larocque says:

i am making a binary option Skype group to help each other beat the market!
steven.larocque3 if interested 

Binary Options Peak says:

This video is misleading people and probably will make you lose a fortune.
Read my entire comment and benefit of what I offer you.

I completely understand the fact that you had a rough time with Binary
Options. Every does even I! After months of blowing accounts, I found out a
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I understand this, because I did get fed up as well but my point is that if
everyone can find something good and instead of trying to sell it to
people, share it instead for FREE, everyone can be profitable. How many
times have you found a system where you have to ether deposit or buy it…
That’s completely bullshit and non sense and even these systems don’t even

In the world of trading, the only way you can win is to find a good system
and stick to it by trading small amounts per trades. That’s what I teach at
Binary Options Peak and remember this is free so I don’t win anything,
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All it takes is you take action, create an account and attend my webinar on
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because it can change your opinion on binary options.

burnurd Smith says:

Well, I truly thank you for this video.

kevin gutierrez says:

Still a good strategy, at least this is something more real than the crap
about the 60 seconds feature and the martingale…

Daniel Doyle says:

When the end of the trade is lets say 20-25mins away. Do we still put the
trade on or is it specifically if the second candlestick comes up at say
ten to?

Earnclub sajeeb says:

in this video between 0:04 to 2.00 is good. it’s sound system is good.

infocr says:

Check Out!! http://bit.ly/NDjesT

Stephen Hunt says:

I work by the London Stock Exchange. My simple strategy earns many of my
friends over £15,000 a week Trading Binary Options which, be under no
illusion, like any Trading carries a level of risk but with my simple
strategy and careful and effective management is netting my friends huge
returns on a regular basis. I am happy to share my strategy with all you
other Traders eager to earn the same. If you would like to know more email

lfrohling says:

Looks great and I’m trying to steps but it’s unclear on the settings for
the Parabolic SAR

Paul Henry says:

Hey!! You see all over the place people selling you signals right? But
think about this what they give you so they have the right to ask you money
for it? I will NOT charge you a penny, im so confident on my service that I
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Thank you.

Annabel bristol says:

Wake up! Binary Options is for real traders only!

Sergej Barkar says:

If anybody interested in trading binary options I’m a relationship
manager/broker at OneTwoTrade, which is fully licenced and regulated and
based out of UK. Please contact me on my email address
sergej.barkar@gmail.com and I will be able to walk you through everything.

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frances champlin says:

Being a successful BO trader is not easy without a basic strategy,few
months back I met a professional trader based in the UK,who posted a
comment on youtube.I was bent to contact her and followed her advice,she
also helped me with techniques so I don’t lose money.with her help have
been able to earn between $1000 – $2000 weekly so far which is good enough
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contact her @ asyalrayford@gmail.com

courtney ashton says:

I was referred to a woman named Marisa Greengreenslede for trading
strategy,and i am here to testify about her one in a million strategy,$700
daily is what i am getting,thanks to her strategy.It would be selfish of me
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