Beginning Day Trader Strategy- Watch As I Trade With A Beginner Plan

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Beginning Day Trader Strategy – Starting From Scratch
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Hey Ya’ll

Today is the second day of my day trading blog challenge. This challenge is meant to help both me and all the people that watch my videos on Youtube. You’ll notice in today’s video that I adopted a beginner day trading strategy so I didn’t profit as much as I usually would. Also remember that you are viewing my sim account and you won’t actually see my real results till the end of the challenge, which will be in the fourth week.

In fact, I left around 5 points on the table using this beginner day trader strategy but overall I was still able to score a total of 7.25. Which even at one contract is a total of $337 some odd dollars. What I can tell you about this beginning day trading strategy is that it’s pretty easy.

In fact once you know market environment well enough anyone can do it. It’s as simple as placing an order and getting filled and then waiting for your automatic target to get filled. It’s almost brainless. The trick is knowing how the market is moving.

So, let’s briefly go over how the market was running today and as usual we’ll start in the pre-market. If you notice the pre-market had a ton of volume and lots of activity. The way you can always tell is by the amount of screen space the pre-market takes up on your charting platform.

As you can see on my NinjaTrader here the pre-market takes up a significant amount of charting real estate. If you compare this to some of last week’s action, you will notice a significant difference. So, this tells me that today we have the potential for great trading. If you combine that with the fact that yesterday ran extremely well, then we might be in for a huge treat!

Immediately we continue with that strong run up and have a couple of great opportunities that become available. Eventually though just prior to news there is an attempted push down. It doesn’t work out and this tells me that we have to be really careful when taking shorts today. The primary reason is that they are not working. So, we’re going to need a really strong push down in order to take one.

We continue on strong up after news and eventually we get some delayed reaction to news and have a strong push down. That’s the strong type of push we were looking for in order to take shorts again. Eventually we get a really great run down giving us several opportunities. There is a period where we momentarily go choppy but eventually the shorts come back strong. As you can see from the video I continued taking those and did really well over all.

Let me know if you have any questions about this beginning day trader strategy.